The World Is Either Bored Or Dying

The Second Lockdown in Vietnam

The second lockdown in Vietnam was a tough one. I’ve always written a diary during difficult times but since I started writing my book two and a half years ago I’ve taken to witting down all my difficult feelings. It helps me see on paper what’s going on in my head. Invariably I then read back over it, find out what is going on for me and write myself a list!

The Lockdown Blues…

Diary entry 11/08/20

My ankles are swollen. I didn’t exercise today. Maybe that’s why my mood is low and gritty. Or maybe it’s the two weeks lockdown blues. We’ll have at least another two weeks of this. The again, maybe it’s the thought of home schooling! Although that could make lockdown better – we’ll have more to do.

Lockdown in Vietnam
How many more pom pom animals can we make?!

In this bubble within a bubble with too many screens and too many hours and not enough going on we become sad. I break the monotony for my seven and nine year old daughters with bug bingo or cards or pom pom making.

But it’s not the same as riding our bikes through the paddy-fields or playing noughts and crosses in the sand on the beach on sunny days. The days before lockdown chopped the school holidays in half.

“Will there be better days to come?”

Will the pandemic improve my children’s future? Improve their environment? Or is this the start of things to come? Will there be worse and worse diseases? To wipe more of us out? The world doesn’t need us. It’s better off without us. We know that now.

A sudden downpour outside. The sky is rumbling and sparking it’s agreement – ‘Yes, this world doesn’t need you. But you need it, and look what you’ve done to it. With your planes and your plastic and your greed and your politics. What have you left for your children?

lockdown in Vietnam

I work on my website and try to keep my business on a ventilator until the events start up again. I plough on through writing my book and I play with my kids so we can forget that life has stopped and we can hear each other laugh – for a little while – at least until one child accuses the other of cheating or knocks the cards off the table.

Two weeks later…

Homeschooling/ Crisis Schooling During Lockdown In Vietnam

Lockdown is over! My daughters have missed half of their summer holidays and two weeks of school. But we were definitely better at home schooling this time!

When the girls went back to school after Lockdown 1 it was as if they had been invited to a fabulous party. But this time when I told them they were going back to school they both burst into tears and said,

“Can’t we carry on with this mum? It’s so much fun.”

crisis schooling during lockdown in Vietnam
Even the take-away bags were used as entertainment!

I am so proud! But still I said, “I’ll miss you very much girls but you need to be in school!”

Some kind of normal will be happening again around here. I have no doubt that there will be a third lockdown but I think we are getting better at it each time.

I’m thankful. Truly grateful, that we are the ones that are bored. I pray for the ones that are dying. God be with them. Don’t let them suffer.

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