Lock Down Eases In Vietnam

Here in Vietnam the Covid 19 lockdown is easing. I feel so lucky to be living here, in this country that had a pandemic plan.

Most businesses and shops are now open, although beaches, spas, gyms and bars remain closed. Today was the first day that I was back at the writer’s group in person- rather than on screen.

Our writing prompt today was, “Today I Noticed…”

Today I notice the draft before I become aware of the noise. Then I hear it like the gentle patter of rain- a motorbike’s engine, followed by another and another, not as many as usual but more than before. Someone had left the bloody door open.

Normally I would be the one to jump up and close it, probably inwardly rolling my eyes. But I decide, not today. Today I will let it be. I haven’t heard these centre of town street noises for a while and I wanted to revel in them.

Vietnam, my Vietnam, with the motorbikes and the whizzing of an electric buzzing saw, the coffee machine and the soft mummers of people chatting in the back ground. I’ve missed this.

For some reason lately I’ve begun to think of myself as an introvert. I think it’s because of the lovely shiny people I hang out with, the writers- I’m surrounded by them. Even my neighbour is one. My chat groups are about writing and my coffee friends are about writing. Warm, pebbles of friendship shaped smooth by the waters of time and shared interests. I took on their sheen and on the first day of lockdown I posted “Never have I ever felt less guilty about not going out.”

This was followed by three days of being like, wow, this is amazing, I’m loving this, I’m such an introvert. Which was followed by 2 weeks and 4 days of feeling like a demented woman and not knowing why.

Lockdown was eased the day before yesterday. I was like a horse at the gate, straight out and onto that track, cantering round our town on my navy blue, sparkly cub. Despatching the kids at play dates- God they were happy too!

I visited the cafe, the nail bar, the lash bar and the supermarket. My nails are now the brightest shade on the palette, my eyelids couldn’t have one more lash crammed on them. I’ve phoned everyone.

Indeed I am not an introvert- those are just the people that I love.

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