Why Move To Vietnam With a Family?

You may well ask! Weeeellllll- it was most definitely not an overnight decision.

The first time we came here was 2012 – I remember that year because it was the year I found out I was pregnant with my second child, exactly two weeks after Hubbs had booked and paid for a round the world trip.

We’d already packed our London house and found tenants. Tickets for our trip for me, him and our one and a half year old were already tucked inside our passports in the safe. Why did we still go after finding out daughter number two was on the way? Well that’s another story, and I’m sure I’ll get around to telling it to you sometime. (And when I do I’ll add a link here!)

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How this writing thing started.


We left London just over two years ago to start a new life in a beautiful town on the central coast of Vietnam.

All our friends congratulated us on How Brave we were. It was only when my very close friend told me over wine that How Brave was actually a stand in for, Completely Mad- what the hell are they doing? – that I began to understand that maybe this is not normal!

But this is not a travel blog, or a why you should uproot your family and go and live in another country blog. No, this is a blog where I get to say what I think about how I’m feeling in the world right now.

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