How this writing thing started.

We left London just over two years ago to start a new life in a beautiful town on the central coast of Vietnam.

All our friends congratulated us on How Brave we were. It was only when my very close friend told me over wine that How Brave was actually a stand in for, Completely Mad- what the hell are they doing? – that I began to understand that maybe this is not normal!

But this is not a travel blog, or a why you should uproot your family and go and live in another country blog. No, this is a blog where I get to say what I think about how I’m feeling in the world right now.

I’ve tried doing this in a few honest posts on Facebook – one recently was about how partners should help more with homeschooling during the Covid 19 Crisis. I was the least popular person in my house that week! (Although I did get lots of direct messages from friends say Hell Yes. – Lots of my friends are American.)

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Now for some bullet points on why I’m writing this blog. (I’m using bullet points because they are currently in the template of this brand new site, and because I will probably never get the opportunity to use them again if it means reading the instructions on how to design a blog post using blocks.)

Why I’m Writing This Blog…

  • Because I’m writing my first book and I’m hoping that if you follow this blog you might like to one day read my book.
  • Because if enough people might one day like to read my book it might show an agent/publisher that I am a good punt.
  • Because in my heart of hearts I want to be the next Liane Moriarty, have Reese Witherspoon pick up my book, make it into a Netflix series and ultimately have Nicole Kidman play me.
Hoi An Beaches

Why I’m Writing A Book…

I started writing my first book a month after moving to Vietnam. The kids had more or less settled into their International School, my husband had started up a business, it was the least busy time of year for my work and I saw a Facebook post for a writing class.

I love a workshop and thought that it would be a way of getting really good at blogging for my business (which I still oversee remotely), as well as a way to meet other people – apart from school Mums.

It was during the first writing class that we were all prompted to write about A Journey. We then had to read the piece out (they hadn’t told me that before hand and I would never have gone if I’d known that was part of it.) After reading out my prompt the leader of the group (a published author of a crime series) said, “I feel like that could be the prologue for a book.”

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