“I Love You” Is Not A Coat Peg.

Emily wanted him to tell her he loved her. That would make it all OK. Make her OK. She thought love was like a coat peg on the door that you could hook your life on to. Once you had that peg you were safe from floating away and drowning in the soup of life.

But the pegs kept disappearing, along with the boyfriends. She didn’t understand that to say, ‘I love you’ is not a peg. It’s a small brick, that marks the beginning of a relationship, that needs many more bricks to make it into a home for a heart.

That even when you have all the bricks required to make a home, you have to remember that it needs to house two hearts. And that it has to be maintained and has to be big enough for two hearts to roam. Sometimes together and sometimes apart.

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