Writing Prompt; I Believe The Sun Never Sets

As I biked through the paddy field, under an orange lined sky, I basked in the glory of the dying sun. Then I thought, how egotistical, how self indulgent, to believe that the sun is dying when it’s just moving around the globe. Still lighting another land or breaking the morning sky open or baking other people in it’s midday heart.

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I congratulated myself on how profound I had become since spending two and a half years in Vietnam. A place that gives me an ever shifting view point of how things should be or how people should behave. Of what is fair and what is not fair.

I always thought I was lucky. Now I understand I am privileged. We don’t all start on the same starting line in this race called life.

The sun isn’t dying for me, it’s just moving further away. To light up someone else’s day. It’s their turn after all. And we must all take turns to make life right, to make life fair.

Will you take your turn tomorrow? Will you take it with me? A turn around the paddy fields as we marvel at the sunrise. The sunrise that will leave someone else behind to be with us.

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I believe the sun never sets. Well to be clear, the sun never sets for everyone.

Each week I attend the Hoi An Writers Group. We write for 10 minutes on a writing prompt given to us by Kerstin Pilz. I’m always surprised by what comes up for me when I write this way.

The writing prompt for this piece was “I Believe.” George Floyd was at the front of my mind when I wrote this piece. The longer I am in Vietnam the more I realise how little I know. That has also been my journey since the killing of George Floyd. How little I knew, how easy it was to believe I was just lucky.

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