I Wanted Breakfast In Bed With My Menopause For My 50th!


I didn’t want a big party or a fancy present for my 50th Birthday. I wanted breakfast in bed. Just me and my menopause. Maybe Netflix could join me and possibly a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate – if we could find one in Vietnam. Or maybe Ferrero Rocher- those posh ones with the sparkly gold wrappers. I’m pretty sure I saw a box of those in the mini mart one time.

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The World Is Either Bored Or Dying

first time author

The Second Lockdown in Vietnam

The second lockdown in Vietnam was a tough one. I’ve always written a diary during difficult times but since I started writing my book two and a half years ago I’ve taken to witting down all my difficult feelings. It helps me see on paper what’s going on in my head. Invariably I then read back over it, find out what is going on for me and write myself a list!

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