The Facebook Post That Got Me In Trouble

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about what partners for home schooling parents should be doing to help during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Although it went down well with my friends – with my husband – not so much. This is definitely not going to be a parenting blog (God forbid,) but I still thought I should put it here so you can see why I needed to move across to a website for my writing!

Crisis Schooling During Covid 19

Our parent roles have changed. The bulk of the home schooling, most likely has fallen to one parent – either because that parent’s work has evaporated or because one parent, has learning difficulties.

One thing is for sure – no one is winning at home schooling. And before you wizened home schooling parents raise your hands to object – please step back – step 6 feet back. This post is not aimed at you. You made your choice- I admire you. But I don’t want to be you.

There is a multitude of activities on Facebook, there is a mountain of lessons online. I’m just trying to keep the kids up with the work from school, whilst also injecting some fun into our day. And yes, we are watching more screen than usual – suck it up.

What us parents who are the ones that have taken on the task of schooling, with no training and no option, really need is someone to say Well done, good job. Our kids certainly won’t be the ones to say it. Clearly we’ve ruined their lives.

Partners of parents who are home schooling, please don’t criticise our efforts. Please don’t raise an eyebrow when the kids are having screen time. Support us, cheer us on, step in when you see us looking over-whelmed as we scan a page of fractions that we don’t understand. Please do have a look at what your children have been working on and while your praising your kids (they love that), praise us to (we need that.)

We are all doing our best.

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