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I moved from the centre of London to a little fishing village in Vietnam five years ago. We never intended to stay this long! But living beside the South China Sea with my husband, two daughters, cat named Kevin and dog named Boo, I finally feel at home.

My writing desk overlooks the ocean and is where I write about my characters and all their craziness. Mostly I write dark romance. Some of it is ever so slightly influenced by my time spent in London during my twenties, the rest is completely made up – but I won’t tell you which is which!

My writing is for women looking for an escape from their daily lives. I want you to get lost in the love story, and ultimately to fall in love with the characters too. xxx


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Janie Lawson

This is a site where I write general craziness, weekly writing prompts, my writing process and snippets and back stories that won’t make it into my books, but helped me understand why my characters do what they do.

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