Janie Lawson Author

I live in a little fishing village in Vietnam beside the South China Sea with my husband, two daughters and dog named Boo.

My writing desk overlooks the ocean and is where I write about my characters and all their craziness. Mostly I write female fiction. Some of it is ever so slightly influenced by the Expat life I live and the people I meet.

It’s a long way away from my London home but surprisingly similar once you’re standing in your kids school playground!

My secret power is that there is a party going on in my head that people who meet me don’t know about. And when I get home I write it all down and it makes me laugh. I hope it will make you laugh too. xxx

About This Writer’s Life In Vietnam

Janie Lawson

This is a site where I write general craziness, weekly writing prompts, my writing process and snippets and back stories that won’t make it into the book, but helped me understand why my characters do what they do.

Why I’m Writing This Blog…

  • Right now I’m writing my first book (I have been for the last two years!) and I’m hoping that if you follow this blog you might like to one day read my book.
  • If enough people might one day like to read my book it will show an agent/publisher that I am a good punt.
  • In my heart of hearts I want to be the next Liane Moriarty, have Reese Witherspoon pick up my book, make it into a Netflix series and ultimately have Nicole Kidman play my main character!